Welcome to my website www.creengineering.de!    PLEASE NOTE: THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED

here you can find...

  • Documentation of (and sometimes files for) a variety of projects that I did in the past years, some really old - some up to date! They have either a professional/scientific, private or a mixed background, as I really love what I am doing.
  • Some information about me and my skills, also including links to my scientific publications in the field of bioelectrical engineering, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and neurotechnology.
  • A short introduction on custom services that I offer, that I like to describe with the word "creative engineering", as they often combine many of the skills that I acquired over the years, also trying to preseve my creativity in problem solving. Some of these are: Electric engineering, programming and layouting, biomedical acquisition technology and signal processing, CAD, mechanics and 3D printing, materials (silicones, latex, metals, ...) and many more.

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If you choose to use any information and materials for any project or hardware provided on this website, you do this ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Mostly, the hardware was carefully designed to reduce any risks, e.g. by using batteries as energy sources. However, everything provided on this website is done so WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, especially without warranty of functionality, safety, completeness or merchantability.
By using the provided materials on this website, you agree to do so on your own risk and responsibility.